From the Hillel Celebrity Poker Tournament
Men "The Master" Nguyen with the creator of Holdem Shades at the Bicycle Casino. Holdem Shades cosponsored the Hillel Celebrity Poker Tournament.

In those dark final table situations, HoldemShades let enough light through to see everything in action: your cards and your opponents. — Niz

The best shades for poker. They're like a two-way mirror which lets you clearly see out, but no one can see in. No more impared vision with sunglasses. They're the best! — Carl Schanstra

As you can see by my chip stack, the glasses aren't helping me play better, but at least I can see the expressions of the other players when they take my chips.

Great vision, better price. I love these glasses! — Phill

I have been playing poker for a few years and have tried many types of sunglasses, and these are not sunglasses, they are poker glasses. I can see perfectly again, and I look good. Thanks again, HoldemShades. I will tell my friends. — Marco

Very nice poker glasses.— tennessec

Wow that was fast. Shipping from the USA to the Netherlands only took 4 days!!! Glasses look great and I like the shape. When you put them on it gets darker but only a little. With regular sunglasses it will get a lot darker. And you really can't see my eyes. If you try to see my eyes you will see nothing because of the darkness and the darker it gets behind the glass the more reflective they will be. Difficult to explain really, you should try them out yourselves. — Kaartkeizer

"I absolutely love my new Holdem Shades. Their wrap-around design and snug fit not only makes them ideal for the poker table, but for all my recreational activities as well."— Chris Pisko

Hey guys, My poker glasses arrived today, and I just wanted to thank you for all the support with the transaction. I love these glasses, I'm definitely going to be using these at all my poker games from now on. "— James

I have been wearing them everywhere (even in the dark) and I can tell you that these sunglasses are one of the best pairs I have ever owned. They are great for recreational use and great for blocking out UV rays from the sun. I am in Massachusetts's and it's a gorgeous day. I was not even fazed by the bright sun. I am going to wear them for the first time tonight in a poker league I play in. I will let you know of the results. Take Care Roberto "— Roberto


These are the coolest glasses for playing

poker i have ever bought, you can really see your apponants and your cards, supper deal also .— REOPLAYER


Even though the glasses make me look cool, I still suck at poker!— Gary B.

Jazz is a natural intimidator and bluffer.

They got it right. These are perfect for playing poker. — Jerry

Just wanted to say thanks for getting the shades to me so promptly. I wore them Tuesday night and I have to admit I was impressed. It does work as advertised. Sunglasses are usually too dark for my liking but yours worked great and were comfortable.— Brian

Awesome Shades!!! Super Fast Delivery - A Real Pleasure To Do Business With.— debmuny

I recently purchased a pair of your Holdem Shades because during a recent tournament, my Maui Jim's were just too dark and I was having difficulty reading the cards on the table.  I came across your website somehow, was intrigued, and decided to buy a pair and give them a shot. Just by putting them on, there's already a world of difference in the light and clarity of them being dark, yet still being able to see clearly as if you're not wearing shades. BRUCE
—Great purchase, fast delivery! nicos21y

—They fit great on my face, there really comfortable cooooooooooooooool graig122507

—I am very pleased with the Holdem Shades order that I placed, the delivery was very fast, see you in Vegas jan

—The glasses fit perfect, It was exactly what I was looking for, Thanks!! 8ballzz

— I was so impressed with the glasses, to make things even better I won my first tourney, Thanks!! – LuckyJ382 luckyj382

— I was never able to disguise my facial expressions and never knew what to do about my eyes always giving away my hand while playing poker, I finally found a decent pair of sunglasses, and I must say these glasses have truly made a difference in my game. I am really enjoying playing poker, and it feels great!!!- Donty Jones